Our Story

We are on a mission to improve the quality of life for as many animals around the world as we can.

We donate dog beds to shelters. A percentage of proceeds from all orders goes to charities that work tirelessly to care for animals and find new homes for them.

How SnuggleFluffy was born

Back in 2019, my wife and I adopted a border collie puppy. 

He turned out to be a very timid and nervous dog, which is very common for the breed.

At three years old, he is still petrified of flags outside of shops, bikes covered in tarps, and he launches himself towards moving vehicles. 

We've taken great measures to make him feel as comfortable as possible and relieve his anxiety, and he has improved a lot. 

Aside from training sessions, daily countryside walks and visits to the dog run, one thing seems to have made a huge difference - 

Making sure he gets great sleep! 

Sleep allows the nervous system to reset. And the higher the quality of sleep your dog can bet, the more calm and relaxed they'll be to face any shop flags, tarp covered bikes or moving vehicles they may encounter the next day. 

The average dog sleeps 12 to 14 hours per day! That's a lot. 

So making sure they have a comfortable spot that they know is their own goes a long way. 

Ever since 2019, we began sourcing numerous dog beds and seeing how our dog reacted to them. 

There was one design in particular that had a larger effect on our dog's quality of sleep and ability to relax than any other dog bed. 

That bed became the one that we ended up building our business upon. We have been on a mission for the last three years to tweak and improve the design based on feedback from our highly valued customers. 

And the bed that you see today from SnuggleFluffy is the result of numerous iterations to improve the thickness, plushness and overall quality of the bed. 

Our bed is designed with your dog's comfort as the number one priority. 

It's also designed to be an easy to clean dog bed, with a machine washable removable cover. 

You can remove the base and rim by opening two zippers on the underside of the bed. This allows you to wash the cover, rim and base separately. 

This can make washing your dog bed much easier. If only the cover needs a wash, the load on your washing machine is greatly reduced. And the dry time is also quicker, meaning your beloved four legged friend can quickly get back to doggy dreamworld.

You can also get additional removable covers, so that if one is in the wash, the other can be used for your dog to not miss a single minute of rejuvenating sleep and relaxation. 

Having two or more covers also lets you have different colors to match different rooms in your home. The perfect solution to combining style with your dog's comfort and wellbeing. 

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